Why Are People Selfish?

The root of all selfishness is insecurity. People become insecure about themselves through a process of refusing to see themselves in a positive light. They continually find fault with every aspect of their lives: their looks, their height, their education, their family and their friends.

Can you see how habitually putting yourself down can lead to selfishness? The woman, who thinks her breasts are too small, denounces herself on the basis of her physique and, in turn, denounces others using the same or similar criteria. The man who thinks he was born too short feels he has to be rude and obnoxious because he cannot stand tall. As you see this, you will understand why so many people feel they are inadequate as they accept, amplify, and spread negative messages. And, why they spend so much time trying to keep up with the Joneses.

The individual who grows in consciousness and knows he can do anything he wants to do regardless of how he is treated can become successful, heathy and happy. It starts with becoming aware that there is hardly a person born who hasn’t decided what size they were going to be, how they were going to look, and what lessons they were coming in to experience prior to birth. The lack of qualities they feel now began with their choices before they were born.

The process of undoing your insecurity is simple, though not necessarily easy. To start, quit judging yourself by comparing yourself to everybody else. Then know what you have come to do. If unsure of what that is, go into the silence and ask. Then, however challenging or humble your work may be, do it with pride. No blame, no shame.

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