What is Divine Love?

By Ada Marie
June 9, 2014

Divine Love comes to us Directly from God.

It is expressed in many ways: Actions, Deeds, Thoughts, Feelings, and Light.

To express Divine Love means a person is able to fill a need of someone with no thought of return for the deed. This is many times looked on by others as a weakness. Therefore it is often not appreciated or respected.

Divine Love gives boundless energy. The person expressing it does not carry thought of it or repeat to others about their act of kindness to anyone. They are free of such thought or any fear of acting on a Divine impulse. There is no concern for the interpretations of others because they experience a smile in their being.

When we are privileged to know one of these people we are very Blessed. Check your thoughts and feelings to see if you are aware of any Angels around you. If so, you are also Blessed.

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