True Friendship

True friendship is felt in the hearts of individuals. It is recognizable by the caring, the love and sharing that is given by a friend. When people who show friendship and love are always there ready to assist, are they truly helping? Or are they enabling? Friendship requires truth and honesty between two people.

A true friend is someone you can honor and respect, and someone you know truly appreciates and cares for you. This is a rare find. What often happens is a problem of human nature that creates concern for another person because of their “poor me”, selfish attitude. Thinking that you are helping by giving and sharing (which may go on for an extended period of time), you may eventually discover that they are not there for you as a friend. They become too busy or they just plain disappear.

Most people can count their friends on fewer than five fingers. If you have two real friends, you are truly a blessed person.

Start checking your relationships. When you remove all the excess individuals who pretend to be your friends, you will experience a great improvement in your life. Your health, your consciousness and your attention to the silent messages that people are giving will brighten your life. Remember, if they do something unfriendly towards you more than once, they are telling you who they really are – only an acquaintance.

Is it a joy to talk to your friends? To be with them? Or does it feel like a duty? If it is a duty, then remember you don’t need duties. Valentine’s Day is coming up – a good time to evaluate your friendships.

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