Strategy for Change: Positive People

One of the most effective strategies for change is to look at the people around you.  Are there people whose presence you shrink from, who find fault or express negative responses to everything in their lives?  If so, what you are really hearing is their emotional imbalance and fear.  They believe that they have the right to pour this negativity onto everything they know.

Now, recall the people you look forward to seeing and their wonderful attitudes about life.  Please note.  They do not feel sorry for themselves.They do not gossip.  They do not have a hateful attitude about anything.  They are not selfish.  They give their time and energy freely.  And, they give directly from their hearts.

As children, we learn primarily by imitating those around us.  Many adults are unconsciously continuing to mirror those around them or replaying “old tapes” recorded in childhood.  If your life is not to your liking, then checking your environment for negative and positive people is a good strategy to help you make needed change.  Of course, most people are not completely positive or negative, in which case, you would be looking for those with a greater degree of positive attitude than most.  Then, begin to spend more time with them and less time with others.

When negativity creeps into conversation, change the subject and/or withdraw from the situation as soon as possible.  Mainly, stay aware rather than live your life unconsciously.

And, keep in mind, solutions are at hand to any problem provided we sincerely ask for them.  The Bible expresses this universal principle in this popular quote:  Ask, and it shall be given you;  seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.  The key is to ask.  Just as it works for other problems, this principle can help us make changes in the attitudes that will change our lives.



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