Strategies for Change: Issue of Hate

Hate is disease. For when people hold a grudge, they create that condition without even realizing it. I learned how hate creates disease and how to counteract it from an experience with uterine cancer. I had been in a car accident when my cousin was driving and I was in the back seat. Suddenly the car – a big Lincoln – rolled over and the front seat came back on my face, knocking me unconscious. When I came to in the hospital, a doctor came into my room. He told me that they had discovered uterine cancer so advanced that I had approximately 6-8 months to live.if I didn’t do something.

As I lay alone in the darkening room wondering what to do, around, 7 or 8 that evening, another older doctor came in. He sat by my bed and said, (These were his exact words; I will never forget them.) “How long have you hated your mother?”

And I said, “My mother has hated me since I was born. She never wanted me to be born. She mentioned it often and I never knew why.”

He said, “This is what I want you to do.” I was young at the time, about 20, so I just looked at him as he continued, “I want you to think of three things that you can tell me in the morning that are wonderful about your mother.” I was puzzled in my head but when he asked,” Will you do that for me?” I said, “Yes.” He stood up and said, “I know you will keep your word.” and walked out.

The first thing I thought of was that my mother was very beautiful. She had blue-black raven hair, green eyes, and milky white skin. An Irish beauty.” And, then, I remembered that my mother was an excellent cook. She was a hard worker who cooked for a lot of people. Coming up with a third thing, though, was the hardest. I kept thinking and thinking. Finally, I thought of how Mom and Dad used to win every dance contest at the schoolhouse on Saturday nights. So, she was an excellent dancer.

The next morning, the first doctor came in and told me they were going to take me down to Xray to have another look, I asked him, “Where is Dr. Duluc?” (Duluc was on the name tag of the doctor who had visited me the previous evening.) And, he said, “There’s nobody in this hospital by that name.” Later, when they X-rayed me there was no cancer. It was cleared.

For years since then, I have pondered that experience. Dr. Duluc was an angel who took on human form to help me heal my cancer. Every time I have been hurt by others I bless them rather than harbor a grudge, and I have not had any kind of cancer since. Further, I have been able to help others with what I learned.

For example, recently, a friend hired me to see a friend of hers whose doctors had diagnosed her with cancer and scheduled her for surgery 2 days from then. I walked her through the same process Dr. Duluc had given me. We worked for 2 and ½ hours together until she could recall three things about her mother she liked. “Isn’t it funny that I never think of that?” she asked.

No,” I said, “It took a long time for me to come up with three things about my mother.”

When she left, her whole attitude and demeanor had changed, with her remarking, “I feel peaceful.”

On Monday, she called to tell me that when she went to the hospital for a pre-op there was no cancer.

Hate is a fire that burns inside you and eats you up. It attaches itself to you within your mental system. If you can overcome hate and bless the individual who triggers it to his/her highest good, you will return to good health.

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