Strategies for Change: Issue of Anger

Of all negative emotions, anger, even over hate, has the strongest vibratory activity. It attacks the mental process with such power it is almost impossible to break it up. Anger has a lingering power to infuse itself within the cells of the body to the point where, if it festers like a boil or carbuncle, it can override the angry person’s good judgment. That being said, you could pull yourself out of your anger by simply blessing the person you are angry with because you only want blessings back. Remember, whatever you send out will return to you, so be careful what you think. Guard your thoughts.

While it is best not to allow anger to build, even when it does, one can still reverse its effects as shown in this experience of a friend of mine. She was so angry one day that suddenly she sensed thousands of small dark entities swarming towards her. In an instant, she understood that they would give her the power to achieve anything she desired but that the eventual cost would be her total subjugation to their will. And, they were definitely up to no good. Panicked and desperate, an idea presented itself in her mind: to say the Lord’s Prayer. Because the words would not come to her, she ran to the bookcase, pulled out her Bible, and began reading the prayer aloud. After several repetitions, her anger subsided and peace replaced it. The dark energies turned away.

Note: if and when you find yourself the object of another person’s anger, it is important to recognize that if someone says they love you and then treats you poorly or unkindly or with verbal and/physical abuse, what they really love is the fact that you allow them to treat you badly. And the longer you let them, the worse they will behave, not better or even the same. So, release them from your life. The sooner the better!

Blessing someone when you are angry can be easier said than done. When working alone, recognizing why what you are doing “isn’t working” can be difficult and frustrating. A one-on-one retreat with Ada Marie gives you personalized instruction and guided practice for effective implementation of this technique and the opportunity to consult on any other challenges you may be facing in your life. Click on Retreats and/or Counseling to learn more.

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