Strategies for Change: Honoring Self

In order to clarify strategies for change, we have considered major aspects of negativity, specifically the issues of control, jealousy, hate, and anger. Not so obvious, but equally important is how we feel towards and treat ourselves.

How do you feel right now towards yourself? Do you wish you looked younger or older? Do you think your thighs are too fat? Breasts too small? Nose too long? Skin too pale? Or too dark? Hate your chin or receding hairline? And so on. What about your social skills or intelligence? Do you feel good enough at whatever you are doing or wanting to try doing?

Are you seeing how all the previous issues are embedded in your attitude toward yourself? Control: I can’t believe I ate the whole thing! Jealousy: I wish I had his or her money. Hate: I hate these freckles! Anger: I can’t get this right no matter how hard I try. Life just isn’t fair!

All of the above adds up to not honoring self, finding fault with self. Yet that same self is a unique portion of the whole of the universe, just as a drop of water is a portion of the entire ocean. Without it the ocean would be incomplete. And without the accumulation of many drops of water, the ocean would not even exist.

Honoring self is about turning away from self-defeating thoughts and embracing the truth that your existence is evidence that you belong here at this time. Further, your presence is necessary to the whole of things. Granting this validation to yourself allows inner peace to reign in your heart and opens the door to accepting what you cannot change and acting constructively to make desired improvements to your life and the lives of others.

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