Quality Time

How we spend time and our attitude towards it are key to our overall effectiveness and success in life. For instance, to be on time when you’ve made an appointment is to show the highest respect for yourself (not just for the other person) that you can. It means your word is your bond. It also means you are opening your eyes to the endless miracles in your life no matter who or where you are. When someone takes his precious time to be with you (or vice versa) and that time is spent feeling mutually happy and joyful and appreciative (grateful) for the time together, that is a miracle in itself. For time is our most precious commodity.

The more we open ourselves to such miracles, the more we will experience them, often in unexpected ways and at unexpected times. And, the more we can come to appreciate that God answers our prayers in His own way and in His own time. While standing in line waiting for the cashier one day, I overheard part of the conversation between her and the woman ahead of me. The woman had two bags to carry and planned to walk about a mile to where she lived so I offered her a ride to her door. When we got there, all she had in her apartment were her clothes and a recliner. She told me her story of how she had been living in Phoenix with her daughter and son-in-law after the death of her husband. She had been praying about what to do with her life and one day she woke up from a dream about moving to Tucson.

At her insistence, her daughter and son-in-law drove her to Tucson in a car she had given them. When she saw a street sign that interested her, she had them stop in front of a small complex that had just the kind of units she would like to live in at a price she could afford. So, she arranged to take one immediately, to the surprise of the daughter who did not think her mother could manage on her own. However, she and her husband left, promising to bring the rest of the woman’s belongings the following weekend.

Imagine the woman’s surprise the next day when she discovered that the weekday manager was a friend she had lost touch with years ago. They had been young mothers together in an eastern state and now were overjoyed to reunite. The following weekend the woman’s children did not return. By the time I met her she was uncomfortably sleeping in the recliner at night without warm bedding for nearly a month!

Between myself and the manager we showed her how to work the thermostat to stay warm. We gathered bedding and found furnishings left behind by previous tenants that met her needs and looked nice in her apartment. When the daughter finally returned, she was shocked to find that her mother was managing without her. Further, the mother had discovered other old friends who had retired in Tucson and was already involved in social activities with them. But that is another story. What is important for us is to see the little miracles that occur daily especially as we allow ourselves to be guided by our highest impulses. How remarkably things fell into place for this woman who accepted answers to her prayers in ways she could not have foreseen or imagined!

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