Problem Solving

What do you do when your problems seem overwhelming and unsolvable? Where do you turn when you are under tremendous stress or feeling lonely?

Many people continuously lament about their problems. This only adds fuel to the fire and makes their problems grow bigger. It does nothing to solve those problems.

There is a solution to every circumstance in your life no matter what it is. There is a solution because each problem you are facing is a lesson you are being given to grow in consciousness.

Here is a story about two inebriated men in their late sixties: On the 4th of July, they were left stark naked to die in the desert between California and Las Vegas. Did they have a problem? Yes!

Remember, they were stark naked, without shoes, they were sobering up and they had to survive. One night, one of the men said to the other: “When I was a little boy, we were taught to pray and that if we lived right, God would give us what we needed.” On that cold night, they sat and prayed and asked God for help. Before dawn, it started to rain – the first real water they had seen since being left in the desert. After that, they lived on very little water because they had nothing to carry it in. They ate the few plants that one of them recognized as edible.

On September 18th of that year, they finally found their way to a highway. They were soon picked up by a patrol car, when an officer saw them walking naked on the road, and taken to a hospital. In the ER, they were given blankets and examined by a doctor. They were brown as berries but in very good spirits. The Doctor was amazed and declared that they had the strength and energy of 25 year olds.

Now – how did they survive those problems in the desert? By talking to God. They had no idea how long they had been wandering or how many weeds they had eaten. But they solved their problem, didn’t they?

So remember, no matter how bad your problem is, if you go to the right source and ask, you shall be given what you need. Seek and ye shall find; knock and the door shall be opened.

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