Preparing for Christmas

By Ada Marie
December 12, 2012

Now that we are in the pause between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas, we each have the opportunity to assess our personal spiritual journeys. Did we give proper attention to asking forgiveness for any negative thoughts, feelings, words, actions, and deeds and to giving thanks for our blessings? In doing so, let us acknowledge all the many miracles that have taken place over the year — small and large. Let us not look at them so much as by what happened, but by what we learned. Have these experiences taught us Courage? Strength? Kindness? Other desirable qualities?

As we go toward Christmas, what have we learned in the past year that brings Joy to His heart as well as to our own? Have we learned trust? Have we learned compassion? Have we learned charity? Sincerity, benevolence, any of these things? What have we faced and what have we developed in ourselves over the year? What can we develop further in the coming year?

Old adages can be helpful to this personal assessment. Honey catches more flies than vinegar. Have we become kinder, more “honeyed””? A penny saved is a penny earned. Surely this one applies to our time and energy as well as to our finances. One of my favorites, To share is to receive, is lesser known but is certainly worthy of our consideration.

As we progress on this path we may encounter discomforting moments; raising our awareness to Truth and living it more fully can be downright frightening. My grandmother often said, “Truth is frightening. But hold onto it — embrace it — and look for the light at the end of the tunnel.” Being what we wish to become in this way eventually leads to actual Freedom from the darkness and negativity we find here on earth. You can only live one minute of one hour of one day at a time. So, let us only look forward and live that minute to the fullest. The entire holiday season is our golden invitation to walk this path of truth and to renew our efforts to stay on it. Now is a time when our efforts will reap the greatest rewards and strengthen us for the remainder of the year to come.

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