My Resent Talk Show

The host of my most resent talk show, Mary Blake, has said a few things about that show that i would like to share.

“Tune in to The Wisdom of Ada Marie, The Golden Oracle Sunday at 1:30 PDF, 4:30 EDT. We all have those, “if I’d only” stories. What does a Seer do when opportunity comes along? How can you know if an opportunity is real or just another distraction or false hope? Ada Marie brings her unique gifts and wisdom to play in shedding light on these situations. What happens when we ignore opportunities. How much energy do we lose when we let them slide by and later find out how much we’ve lost? How can you tell a real opportunity from a hoax, a time waster or a false alarm? And as usual, Ada Marie welcomes questions. Call in no: 713 955-0775 speakers’ cue is (1) for Q&A”

Hope to speak with you guys at the show. Tune in!

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