Going into the Silence

Recently, several people have asked about going into the Silence.  “What does going into the Silence mean?”  “How do you do it?” “I tried and it didn’t work.”  And, so on.  Going into the Silence is the most important advice I give to my students and clients.  Ultimately, it is how you can find the answers to your questions that best fit you at a given time.

To go into the Silence, one has to be dedicated to accepting, intuitively, lessons from a higher source.  There is no way that any human being can reach communication with the Divine without going into the Silence and being mentally, physically, and emotionally still.  The mind and body must have no thought for action. This takes practice.  When students say they have tried and it didn’t work, it is because they have given up before they reached stillness.

Turn off everything – the TV, radio, computer, phone, and yes, even the CD player – and go to a place where it is quiet.  Remove your watch, your glasses, and your thinking.  Sit in a relaxed position and take a few deep breaths.  Then let the body breathe itself and observe it doing so.  When you reach a state of stillness, even if you only stay for three minutes you will have received a lifetime of the information you require.  You will find yourself having knowledge and you won’t know where it came from.  This is true Divine teaching. Pay close attention and you will see your life turn into one of perfect health, great abundance, and feelings of joy and peace.

No-one is ever alone.  Everyone has their connection to Universal Source and can call on It anytime they prepare themselves to do so.

As stated earlier, one has to be ready to accept lessons from a higher source on an intuitive level.  This requires trusting that any answers needed will be given, watching for them, and acknowledging them when they come with an attitude of gratitude.  Answers often show up in unexpected ways and times. For example, you may be looking for a job and someone invites you to a party.  While there, you meet a friend of a friend who is looking for someone with your interests and skills for a job that hasn’t even been advertised yet.  A frequent way for answers to come is for a book, that addresses the question, to fall off the shelf. What to say to an individual or group may not come until you are in the situation and open your mouth.  Or you may need to apply yourself to research and writing well in advance of a meeting. That need may express itself as an inner “nudge” to take the first step towards an expert, the computer, a library, or bookstore. Understand that when you ask, you will be answered.

Some people can read the above and find their way to stillness easily and quickly.  Others may meet with obstacles and frustration. When people come for a retreat with me, I can assist them on a personal level to overcome any problems that arise for them.  Or, if you have immediate questions about your experiences of going into the Silence, you may contact me by phone at 520-896-9510 for individual counseling.  See the information elsewhere on this site regarding retreats, phone counseling, and the healing circle for ongoing assistance.


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