During the Holiday Season

By Ada Marie
December 28, 2012

During the holiday season we are closer to higher beings than the rest of the year due to the thinning of the veil between dimensions. Even so, if we want help from higher beings, we have to pray. The answer to the world’s dilemma is not to meditate all day long but to pray from your heart.

Look around you — at how many examples of God’s action there are. For instance, a hurricane takes everything in its path with the exception of one house. Don’t you think that’s a miracle? That is an example of someone who prays from the heart.

Another example about prayer in today’s world is when a man can turn from dearest friends, turn his back on people who love and care for him, because one other person with conniving ways convinces him that he is right and his friends are wrong over some disagreement. Isn’t that the devil at work?

To pray from your heart requires guarding your thoughts. If your heart is open and your attitude is honest and true when you pray and give thanks you will feel the energy as it comes to you, giving you a happy harmonious and peaceful consciousness. Just don’t ask for anything for anyone else you don’t want to face yourself.

Lazy hands and lazy minds are the devil’s workshop. We don’t hear this phrase much anymore. But it is important to remember. The consciousness of kindness and love bring health, wealth, and happiness. Universal Law says: what you have wished on someone else you shall receive yourself. So be careful what you wish/pray for. And when your prayer is finished, release it to God and do not speak of it. If you think of it, silently bless it. And, rejoice in the blessings that this current closeness to higher beings can bring during the holiday season.

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