Define Divine Love

There are several kinds of love. Most kinds of love are human love.

This kind of love is usually for a purpose; it is normally to feed another’s ego. It is also used to receive something from another person. It uses up their time and energy. When they think there is something better elsewhere, they leave, leaving you wondering what happened. This is the basic kind of love we have in our world today


If you have ever been lucky enough to meet a person who lives by Divine Love you will never forget it because their love comes to you totally free and very honest. They have no motive but to see you Peaceful, Happy and in Perfect Health with the light of God surrounding you. This Divine Love you can feel in your heart center and it will stay with you all your life.


Now look into your heart and see if you have ever felt that Peace, Happiness and Harmony with anyone in your life. If you want to learn how to become healthy and peaceful have a chat with God then be silent and listen to him.

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