Dealing with Negative Suggestions

In all my years of spiritual counseling, public speaking, writing, holding classes and conducting retreats, the main thing that I have been teaching is that you are exactly a product of your thoughts. Turn your head to the right and your thoughts will change instantly. Turn your head to the left and your thoughts will change again. Look straight ahead and you will have to stop to think. You are a product of all the suggestions you have received and believed including suggestions that you have not paid attention to but that stayed in your mental process. Have you ever listened to someone speak about a subject you knew nothing about? It either perplexed you or opened your mind to something different.

Many times, these ideas and thoughts change the way you think without your realizing it. If you are strong enough to not pass judgment, to not like or dislike, to not assimilate various statements, then you are probably reasonably healthy. The question here is, what thoughts are you willing to carry? Are they positive or negative? Keep in mind that there is a way to speak positively about a negative situation and turn it around.

An everyday example of suggestions that enter one’s consciousness unnoticed would be in the phrases, “I love you.” or “I am sending you lots of love.” These phrases are overdone and mostly redundant. But people want to think they are loved so they hold onto it until they fond out differently how the speaker actually feels. If someone says, “I greatly admire you.” you are more likely to be hearing the truth.

Too much flattery cannot be trusted. When people continuously thank you, flatter you, or impose upon you with tremendous declarations of love, it is usually a ploy to get you to do something. The solution to dealing with the effects of negative suggestions is simple: Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I denounce this; it does not fit in my life.”

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