Counseling Circle

Ada Marie’s Counseling Circle

Ada Marie’s Counseling Circle is available to all clients who wish to join and be included in her personal daily healing meditations. During this time, she sends individual healing energy to each person in the Counseling Circle.

Ada Marie channels Divine Love and Divine Perfection from the universe to each client. She is a clear channel. Many clients report renewed physical energy, success in the work place, better health, and increased happiness in personal relationships.

Along with Ada Marie’s meditations, members receive one hour of counseling every month on any matter. Ada Marie’s Counseling Circle began in 1975, with many of the original clients still in the Circle today.

Individual membership is available for just $100 per month. To sign up for a month of healing and prayer, go to the Store.

“When people have deep dark secrets and no one to talk with, you’re the one person who soothes and explains and gives them a meaning to go on in life. Their need for privacy is always protected with you. They need only to hear your calm and serene voice to know they are in a safe haven. When they follow your instructions, they will find themselves able to turn the conditions around quickly. What you really offer is a very private, very personal assistance. Call it what you may.” ~Client Testimonial

“My Wisdom Angel Ada Marie,
Since my first meeting with you in l985, you have been an invaluable part of my life. How you helped my mother’s Alzheimer’s and then my challenge with impotence has been nothing short of a miracle. Not to have to take any kind of pills and be young again.

I will be on your Healing list for ever. This is the best money I’ve ever spent. I haven’t had to go to the doctor since I joined your Circle. Your wisdom and assistance have continued to be my source of truth in this sometimes very confusing and difficult world. I think you have Gods ear.” ~S. H., New York

“Dearest Ada Marie,
When I arrived at your retreat in Dec of 2004, I was so ill and weak… Now in Dec of 2006, I am Flying!!! No words can really express my deep appreciation for your love and support and extraordinary guidance. Thanks for letting me join your circle.
Your Best Friend Forever” ~M. K., New York