Communication with Deceased Loved Ones

Ada Marie has the ability to communicate with those on the other side. During a session, she can help you get questions answered and also identify a trigger that will be a signal for you that your loved one is trying to reach out to you. To book an appointment with Ada Marie, go to the Appointments page.

An Englishman came to Ada Marie for help in recovering his lost family fortune. During a retreat in Sedona, the man’s deceased father revealed to Ada Marie the name of the man who managed the fortune in Switzerland. The Englishman was then able to locate the manager and retrieve his money.

A student of Ada Marie’s asked how he might contact her after he was dead. “Just ask me,” she said. He wondered if she would answer him if he asked her “Who is Orville Redenbacker?” “Sure, just tell me who Orville Redenbacher is.” she replied. “He’s the popcorn man,” was his reply.
Six months later, the man died suddenly at work. It was 8:30 in the evening and Ada Marie suddenly said out loud “He’s the popcorn man.” Her friend asked “Who are you talking to?” “Someone just asked me who Orville Redenbacher was,” Ada Marie answered just as the phone rang. It was the man’s wife calling to tell Ada Marie that he had just died. Ada Marie was able to help the man through a difficult transition. He was reluctant to accept the fact that he was dead. He thought is was all a bad joke.