Life Lessons

If your life has been compromised today there is a lesson in it for you. Ask yourself, “What is the lesson?” And, put the question to God. You may not hear anything. You may not feel anything. But as the day progresses, there will be certain things that come to your attention that will assist you in understanding what happened and why. Wait for the answer. Don’t jump to a quick decision or solution. Let the answer come.

A How-to from Ada

A female caller is waiting for an answer to her question over the phone this morning. She wanted to know the same thing many other women have asked me over the years. She asked, “What can I do to entice a man?”

The answer is simply, “Smile!”

When I tested this answer on a long-term male friend, his response was, “Oh no. Tell her, ‘Mashed potatoes and fried chicken!'”

However, I think we can safely assume that there would need to be a smile between meeting a man and serving up the mashed potatoes and fried chicken.

Going into the Silence

Recently, several people have asked about going into the Silence.  “What does going into the Silence mean?”  “How do you do it?” “I tried and it didn’t work.”  And, so on.  Going into the Silence is the most important advice I give to my students and clients.  Ultimately, it is how you can find the answers to your questions that best fit you at a given time.

To go into the Silence, one has to be dedicated to accepting, intuitively, lessons from a higher source.  There is no way that any human being can reach communication with the Divine without going into the Silence and being mentally, physically, and emotionally still.  The mind and body must have no thought for action. This takes practice.  When students say they have tried and it didn’t work, it is because they have given up before they reached stillness.

Turn off everything – the TV, radio, computer, phone, and yes, even the CD player – and go to a place where it is quiet.  Remove your watch, your glasses, and your thinking.  Sit in a relaxed position and take a few deep breaths.  Then let the body breathe itself and observe it doing so.  When you reach a state of stillness, even if you only stay for three minutes you will have received a lifetime of the information you require.  You will find yourself having knowledge and you won’t know where it came from.  This is true Divine teaching. Pay close attention and you will see your life turn into one of perfect health, great abundance, and feelings of joy and peace.

No-one is ever alone.  Everyone has their connection to Universal Source and can call on It anytime they prepare themselves to do so.

As stated earlier, one has to be ready to accept lessons from a higher source on an intuitive level.  This requires trusting that any answers needed will be given, watching for them, and acknowledging them when they come with an attitude of gratitude.  Answers often show up in unexpected ways and times. For example, you may be looking for a job and someone invites you to a party.  While there, you meet a friend of a friend who is looking for someone with your interests and skills for a job that hasn’t even been advertised yet.  A frequent way for answers to come is for a book, that addresses the question, to fall off the shelf. What to say to an individual or group may not come until you are in the situation and open your mouth.  Or you may need to apply yourself to research and writing well in advance of a meeting. That need may express itself as an inner “nudge” to take the first step towards an expert, the computer, a library, or bookstore. Understand that when you ask, you will be answered.

Some people can read the above and find their way to stillness easily and quickly.  Others may meet with obstacles and frustration. When people come for a retreat with me, I can assist them on a personal level to overcome any problems that arise for them.  Or, if you have immediate questions about your experiences of going into the Silence, you may contact me by phone at 520-896-9510 for individual counseling.  See the information elsewhere on this site regarding retreats, phone counseling, and the healing circle for ongoing assistance.


What is a Life Extension Specialist?

A life extension specialist is someone who is able to assist you in changing your attitude and beginning to become aware of what a wonderful person you are.
Step One: Learn to change your thinking from negative to positive.
Step Two: Visualize yourself in the exact position in life you actually wish to be in.
Step Three: Don’t show or share your vision with anyone else.
Step Four: Hold that vision regardless of what anyone else has to think or say about you and no matter how many obstacles you seem to be stuck behind.
You can call for further guidance and information.

Wednesday 27 Talk Show

My show is coming up soon! I am on Gift of Healing TV on Wednesday 27th April at 7.30pm BST ~ 8.30pm CET ~ 11.30am PDT ~ 2.30pm EDT, sharing “Thoughts are Things”; I will be talking about how your thoughts make who you are. This show will help you learn how to be and stay positive; and we are so excited to share this information with you. Mark this date on your calendar and I hope you will be able to join us. REGISTER HERE: to join the live broadcast and even if you can’t join us live if you have registered you will receive a link to the replay.

Another Talk Show

This is just a gentle reminder that I am on Gift of Healing TV on Wednesday 27th April at 7.30pm BST ~ 8.30pm CET ~ 11.30am PDT ~ 2.30pm EDT, sharing “Thoughts are Things”; I hope you will be able to join us. REGISTER HERE: to join the live broadcast and even if you can’t join us live if you have registered you will receive a link to the replay.

My Resent Talk Show

The host of my most resent talk show, Mary Blake, has said a few things about that show that i would like to share.

“Tune in to The Wisdom of Ada Marie, The Golden Oracle Sunday at 1:30 PDF, 4:30 EDT. We all have those, “if I’d only” stories. What does a Seer do when opportunity comes along? How can you know if an opportunity is real or just another distraction or false hope? Ada Marie brings her unique gifts and wisdom to play in shedding light on these situations. What happens when we ignore opportunities. How much energy do we lose when we let them slide by and later find out how much we’ve lost? How can you tell a real opportunity from a hoax, a time waster or a false alarm? And as usual, Ada Marie welcomes questions. Call in no: 713 955-0775 speakers’ cue is (1) for Q&A”

Hope to speak with you guys at the show. Tune in!

Dealing with Negative Suggestions

In all my years of spiritual counseling, public speaking, writing, holding classes and conducting retreats, the main thing that I have been teaching is that you are exactly a product of your thoughts. Turn your head to the right and your thoughts will change instantly. Turn your head to the left and your thoughts will change again. Look straight ahead and you will have to stop to think. You are a product of all the suggestions you have received and believed including suggestions that you have not paid attention to but that stayed in your mental process. Have you ever listened to someone speak about a subject you knew nothing about? It either perplexed you or opened your mind to something different.

Many times, these ideas and thoughts change the way you think without your realizing it. If you are strong enough to not pass judgment, to not like or dislike, to not assimilate various statements, then you are probably reasonably healthy. The question here is, what thoughts are you willing to carry? Are they positive or negative? Keep in mind that there is a way to speak positively about a negative situation and turn it around.

An everyday example of suggestions that enter one’s consciousness unnoticed would be in the phrases, “I love you.” or “I am sending you lots of love.” These phrases are overdone and mostly redundant. But people want to think they are loved so they hold onto it until they fond out differently how the speaker actually feels. If someone says, “I greatly admire you.” you are more likely to be hearing the truth.

Too much flattery cannot be trusted. When people continuously thank you, flatter you, or impose upon you with tremendous declarations of love, it is usually a ploy to get you to do something. The solution to dealing with the effects of negative suggestions is simple: Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I denounce this; it does not fit in my life.”

What Do You See?

What do you see when you meet a new person? You see that person’s body language and facial expression. Often the two do not match because there is a disconnect between the body and the mental process (such as when one is on drugs) or that person is attempting to deceive. They may even be unconscious of their deception because it has become a habit. A person who is lying to you but is very convincing is usually not a friend to anyone. They cover their deceit with long explanations and much smiling.

You may see someone whose body language is very heavy and strong despite that individual feeling very unsteady and weak because you are judging that person by your own energy pattern. Or you may judge a person to be weak when you are weak. Do you understand that you are seeing yourself when you look at the other person? Conversely, others judge you by what they see of themselves. That can account for otherwise inexplicable behavior on their part as they react to a mirror image of themselves rather than to the reality of the person you are.

To determine what is going on when you are interacting with others requires awareness. By not thinking about yourself and your surroundings, you can increase your awareness. If you feel something is not right but don’t know what it is, listen to your inner voice and be cautious. Listen carefully to the other person and they will inadvertently tell you more than they intend.

Unfortunately, allowing your awareness to heighten means you will often find your “knowing” unacceptable. It will seem easier to ignore red flags and take others at face value than to accept what they really are. However, deepened involvement with such individuals will bring about circumstances far more uncomfortable than paying attention to initial clues about them in the early stages of a relationship.

But what about trust? What about giving benefit of the doubt? What about practicing unconditional love? Your ability to truly love stems from extending unconditional love first and foremost to yourself. Doing so will enable you to trust your awareness so that you will know when to give benefit of the doubt and when not to. It will also enable you to extend kindness without becoming a victim. Most often those we see as victims (others and ourselves) of users are in fact victims of their own misplaced trust and rejection of being true to themselves. Love that is unloving towards oneself is really a form of self-deception in an attempt to be a “better person” than one feels one is. Seeing that is hard on the ego in the short term but brings increasingly positive results in the long term.

On Appreciation

Why is it that many people do not feel appreciated for what they do?  Rather, the more they do for someone or for others, the less appreciated they feel.  A large part of that is due to their not being able to accept appreciation.  So, they don’t “hear” or recognize expressions of it, then feel slighted about the apparent lack of appreciation.

The other side of this story is that most people don’t actually appreciate the entire amount of effort that is made on their behalf.  Lack of full appreciation is due to their hidden feelings of insecurity.  They fear that their insecurity is going to be exposed if others find out how much they have been helped.

Also, consider that if you are emotionally traumatized and “suffering” from being assisted by someone, how hard it would be for you to realize the amount of effort being given to you.  Remember the human mind cannot see, so it concludes whatever it wants that will put it at ease.  For instance, if someone has had a diligent housekeeper for a period of time, they may not recognize, until that housekeeper leaves, how lucky they were.  As in the old adage:  “You don’t miss the water until the well runs dry.”

These are the dynamics that underlie much of the selfishness you see around you. Fortunately, individuals may develop a recognition of what they are receiving over time. For instance, a client of mine had back surgery and I stayed with her for a month.  Because of the pain she was in, I was careful to not let her do anything that would interfere with her healing.  Her condition would usually take a year or more to heal and the first few weeks are critical.  She had little to no appreciation of what it took for me to be on guard day and night so that she wouldn’t do anything to make matters worse.  After I left she went to her doctor who, from the progress of her healing, thought that she’d had the surgery 7 months before.  When she told him it was only a month, he checked her file in disbelief. She wrote me a thank you letter saying, “God sent me an angel.”  Such a development is healing for both the “healer” and the healed.