Be a Miracle, Receive Miracles

Miracles are happening all around us every day, yet many people don’t realize it. They ask for God’s help, and then wonder why their prayers go unanswered. Meanwhile, they are surrounded by answers they don’t recognize because they don’t know how to listen. For instance, the answer to their need or question might be delivered in the form of a seemingly chance remark overheard while standing in a grocery store line.

Also – it works both ways. We all have opportunities to deliver miracles to others. My dad was an old-school rancher who lived by the Farmer’s Almanac and the truth. He used to say: “A hoe and a rake and a shovel are what you need to till the soil. So, if someone needs a hoe or a rake or a shovel, whatever form those take, and you have it, you fill the need.” (Note: He also said: “Those who don’t work, don’t eat” so we are not talking about enabling users here.) The “form” the hoe, rake or shovel takes might be money or food or furniture or something else, but whatever the forms are, be grateful for the little miracles that happen all the time. If you participate in a miracle with the right attitude you will not lack for anything you need.

One day I was doing foot reflexology on a lady’s feet and saw that she was very stressed. “What’s your main problem?” I asked. She started to cry because she was short $100 on her rent that was due that day. I saw a miracle. “I just happen to have a hundred dollar bill in my purse,” I told her and handed it to her despite the fact that my fee for doing feet is $50 and she would then owe me $150.

As it turned out, she paid me by referring five people to me which totaled $250 additional income. And, they kept coming as repeat clients for a total well beyond that $250. Was that a miracle? Yes.

Recognizing these everyday miracles is very important. For example, many Americans have been going through an exceptionally hard winter with a lot of snow and cold. Do they recognize the miracle it represents by blessing the snow for the water it brings? Do they take time to feel grateful for a beautiful day when they are not suffering storms and cold? Blessing our situations no matter how they seem, positive or negative, is how to recognize and appreciate the many miracles that come our way.

Are you recognizing the endless miracles in your life?

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