Basics of your thoughts: Thoughts are reality

Pay attention to your thoughts. To stop thinking negatively be conscious of what you are thinking and aware of what and how you are saying it. Refrain from negative thoughts and sayings.

Examples of becoming a more positive thinker

NEGATIVE                                            POSITIVE

I have a headache/disease/injury       I am slightly damaged

I am angry about __________ .        What can I learn from this situation

I am poor                                           I am broke, NOT poor

I am disappointed/frustrated.            The world is NOT at an end. We will find a way

I can’t do this.                                     God, make the crooked way straight

I am not good enough                        I am the light of God

I am getting old                                  I am (pick an age to tell your brain to believe and act on)


Visualize only what you want (positive things)

Accept what you want (the positive things)

Repeat it consistently: Saying it to yourself (daily-hourly: as needed).

Concentrate and visualize your thoughts to build strength for yourself

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