About Ada

Ada Marie is a revolutionary seer, conscious medium, healer, life coach and counselor.

Growing up on a farm in the eastern Montana prairie, Ada Marie was taught herbal medicine and mentored in intuitive sight by conscious mediums – her grandmothers. This knowledge had been handed down through generations. Surrounded by these remarkable seers, it was commonplace to communicate with heightened mental awareness. During a health crisis, or after a farm accident, without hesitation, immediate medical care was applied by relatives who had divine sight, healing and folk wisdom.

A Slim Chance of Survival.

On Friday the 13th, in October 1972, Ada Marie was viciously attacked and stabbed 26 times. While in the intensive care unit, recovering from surgery, the doctors’ prognosis was “slim chance of survival”. For seven days, she was in critical condition, yet her spirit experienced a great white light, beyond words. Ada Marie had “crossed-over” and experienced Divine afterlife. The voice in the light said “Your work has not yet begun…you must return…you will teach the teachers of tomorrow.”

Though discharged from the hospital, Ada Marie was in very feeble condition and confined to a wheelchair. She told her son to toss the medications the doctors had sent home with her. She reached out to her grandmother for advice and so began a program of self-healing to recover from the massive physical and emotional trauma of the stabbings.

A Complete Recovery

In the years since, through great patience and self-discipline, she has experienced miraculous self-healing techniques – both from her childhood and innate knowledge, as well as the specialized homeopathic treatments and training she received from extremely compassionate and skilled doctors who came to her rescue. Ada Marie has completely recovered in mind, body and spirit.

A Life Filled with Inner Calm and Peace

Ada Marie’s experience taught her that getting well requires work. Being a seer, and survivor, she trains and guides you on a path of physical and emotional regeneration, which is invaluable to understanding the individual steps necessary to achieve vitality – and a life filled with inner calm and peace.

She has a rare gift of hands-on healing and communicating universal knowledge. Ada Marie’s life mission is to pass this knowledge on to others.

Teacher and Mentor

For over twenty-five years, Ada Marie hosted numerous seminars for students and corporations, and held retreats in the Sedona area, which led to her present retreat center in Oracle, Arizona, The Golden Oracle. She has created a space for individuals who truly want to make a change in their life; a place for individuals to come and reconnect with their own personal being and leave with a sense of confidence, strength, and wisdom. The Golden Oracle provides the backdrop where Ada Marie also teaches people how to use their sight, and she holds separate special seminars for “seers”.

Performer and Author

In her lengthy career, Ada Marie produced and starred in thirty-two television shows in the United States – relating to color, dreams, channeling and crystals, and appeared in six English television productions. In addition, Ada Marie was a featured guest on numerous radio shows in Texas, Florida, New York, and California. For seventeen of the twenty-eight years Ada Marie resided in the Los Angeles Area, she taught metaphysical classes and authored and self-published five books.

“Her greatest ability is to look within an individual and recognize their true being and light, and bring it to the surface. All the while, giving the student an explanation that gives them the opportunity to truly value themselves as wonderful and wise individuals. The best thing she does is to change your attitude about yourself.” ~ Z & O