If you need help with your life, you have come to the right place.

Ada Marie is a gifted seer and healer whose mission in life is to help others become the best they can be and to live the best life possible.

Are you looking for that perfect someone?

If you are wondering if you will ever find your perfect partner, Ada Marie can answer that question for you and even tell you where you two will meet.

Have you lost someone you loved?

Whether a person or beloved pet, during a session with Ada Marie, she will contact your loved one(s) on the other side. She will also teach you how to communicate directly with your loved one. To book an appointment with Ada Marie, go to the Appointment page.

What do you most want to know?

Whether you have misplaced money, jewelry or a vehicle, Ada Marie can give you an accurate description of its location so you will be able to reclaim it.

If you are facing health issues, need to lose weight or eliminate addictive behaviors, personal counseling from Ada Marie can help you change your life.

If your career is going nowhere, Ada Marie can bring forth your talents and help you find the confidence you need to become the successful person you were meant to be.

Ada Marie offers one hour counseling sessions to help with your questions. If you need to totally change your life, a retreat with Ada Marie may be just what you are looking for.